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The Best Products for Curly Hair

This specially formulated line of women’s and men’s curly and wavy hair products were created by Ricky Pennisi, a salon owner who has specialized in curly hair for decades. After years of perfecting the formulas, we are excited to present the RICI line of hair care products. They are easy to use and make curly hair look its absolute best.

Splash Shampoo

Drench Conditioner

Thirsty Gel

Memory Setting Spray

Smooth Pomade

Curl Crème

Deep Treatment

Styling Kit

“I like these products because
I don’t have any frizz. I never used to like my curls,
but now I love them with the RICI products!”


– Kristen H.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Curly Hair Has Finally Met Its Match.

Rule The Curl.