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Ricky Pennisi, successful salon owner and stylist, has specialized in curly hair since 1995. He tried just about every curly hair product on his clients, but was never satisfied. They dried out his clients’ hair or made the hair sticky and greasy looking. He decided to make his own line of products.

The goal was to create beautiful curls with products that were easy to use and understand. Mission accomplished! The RICI line of products use the highest level of ingredients. They have been tested on the most challenging curly hair clients.The RICI curly hair shampoo, curly hair conditioner and other products in the RICI line, help to achieve beautiful curls each and every time. We’re excited to share these with you.

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“The RICI line has changed my life. It has given my hair a breath of life. It defines my curls so that they look beautiful instead of having puffy and frizzy hair. I LOVE MY HAIR!”


– Monica G.

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